Body Lift Recovery: What To Expect

Before Dr. Chhatre performs body lift treatments, he prepares patients with all the knowledge they need to recover as quickly and safely as possible, both in the office and at home.

The body lift procedure is considered a major surgery, and patients will need to allow a significant amount of time for healing.

Dr. Chhatre provides detailed instructions for body lift recovery to all patients undergoing the procedure at our Kansas City, MO, practice. Following the doctor’s instructions closely will help ensure that the patient heals as quickly and comfortably as possible.

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What To Expect Immediately Following Surgery

Following surgery, the doctor will cover the incisions with a bandage. He may place a thin tube to drain excess fluid from under the skin. He will provide instructions on how to care for the wound and the drain tube before the patient leaves the office.

The doctor may advise that you spend a day or two in the hospital. Patients who have a responsible caregiver at home, however, who can tend to their post-surgical needs, will typically be allowed to return home the same day. Patients and caregivers should realize that post-surgical needs will involve assistance with eating, bathing, and caring for incisions.

Dr. Chhatre typically recommends taking a short walk the day of surgery, to keep the blood flowing and avoid clotting.

Aspirin should be avoided, until approved by Dr. Chhatre, as it may affect the healing process. The doctor will provide the patient with a prescription for pain medication to minimize any discomfort. Patients should avoid consuming alcohol with these medications.

What To Expect After Returning Home

When the patient returns home, he or she will need plenty of rest. To achieve a good resting position, the doctor may recommend strategically placing pillows to maximize comfort.

Dr. Chhatre is dedicated to providing exceptional care and helping his patients safely achieve their cosmetic goals.

To help ensure a speedy recovery, the patient should carefully the doctor’s instructions:

  • Patients can usually shower after three days, but they must take care to clean the incision areas very gently, and reapply bandages immediately following their shower.
  • The doctor will supply a compression garment to promote proper healing, which the patient should wear 24 hours a day for at least two weeks after surgery.
  • Dr. Chhatre will provide specific dietary recommendations to encourage healing, including lots of liquids and fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Short walks provide necessary exercise and help keep the blood flowing, but patients will need to avoid more strenuous activity, such as exercise and lifting more than five or ten pounds, until they receive permission from the doctor.
  • Until they have a full range of motion in their arms following surgery, patients should refrain from driving. Driving should also be avoided while taking medication for pain.

Most patients typically return to work two to four weeks following surgery. They will still need to refrain from over-exertion and heavy lifting until the doctor says otherwise.

Your Follow-Up Visits

For the first month or two, patients typically have weekly follow-up appointments. This allows Dr. Chhatre to monitor the incision and make necessary adjustments to medications or compression garments.

Once the doctor clears the patient for normal activity, he or she will need to visit only every few months, so the doctor can monitor the healing and fading of scars.

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To learn more about the body lift procedure and the recovery process, contact our office today. Dr. Chhatre is dedicated to providing exceptional care and helping his patients safely achieve their cosmetic goals.

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