Trim and Tone with Body Sculpting Procedures

Slim woman in bikini posing laying down

Body Enhancement Overview

Countless factors, like aging, weight gain, genetics, pregnancy, and breast feeding, can cause our bodies to change and make us less confident about how we look. Dr. Matt Chhatre is highly trained in a comprehensive range of body sculpting procedures that can improve your appearance and self assurance. Whether you want to achieve a flatter midsection, firmer thighs, a tighter backside, or target a combination of areas, Dr. Chhatre has the surgical skill and experience needed to provide you with a figure you can be proud showing off.

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Slim woman holding hand to flat abdomen

Tummy Tuck

For those of us who cannot achieve a flat, well-toned stomach through exercise and diet alone, a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, can help address stubborn, excess fat deposits, loose muscles, and sagging skin. This popular cosmetic surgery is a great way to improve the appearance of your abdomen, and with maintenance of a healthy weight, can provide long-lasting aesthetic benefits.

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Body Contouring

Body contouring surgery can be used to enhance nearly any part of the body that is resistant to the effects of a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking to tighten your abdomen, address loose skin on your upper arms, or tone another area, Dr. Chhatre can create a individualized treatment plan just for you. Body contouring is a great option for mothers following pregnancy, or for our patients who have lost significant weight but still have leftover excess skin.

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Woman wearing white skirt holding knee at right angle

Thigh Lift

Even with a rigorous exercise program, it can be extremely difficult to tone the inner and outer thighs. The natural aging process, genetics, and weight fluctuations can make even the most active men and women prone to stubborn deposits of fat and sagging skin on their upper legs. If you identify with this concern and are looking for a solution, a thigh lift may be the right cosmetic procedure for you. A thigh lift can remove excess skin and fat to help you achieve a sleeker silhouette.

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Woman in nude underwear holding hand to hip


Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty or lipo, is an extremely popular cosmetic procedure for both men and women that uses a special device to gently and safely remove excess fat cells. This contouring technique can be used nearly anywhere on the body, including the abdomen, flanks, legs, arms, and even the face. Both men and women can enjoy the benefits liposuction has to offer, including a more streamlined physique with proportional and smooth body lines.

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Slim woman in white underwear and sports bra

Body Lift

Body lift procedures, often performed after significant weight loss, can tighten sagging skin and recontour areas of the body that lack definition. Popular areas that can be treated with a lift include the midsection, thighs, and upper arms. Regardless of your aesthetic concerns, Dr. Chhatre will work closely with you to find a procedure that can help you achieve an appearance you are confident with.

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Woman's shapely butt in black boy shorts

Buttock Lift

Do you wish for a firmer, rounder, generally more appealing backside? Genetics, aging, and substantial weight loss can all affect the slope and contour of your butt, meaning sometimes exercise is not enough to help you achieve a beautiful backside. A butt lift procedure can help you achieve a toned, yet curvy, shape by removing lumpy fat deposits and tightening excess, sagging skin.

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Woman pinching hanging skin on upper arm

Arm Lift

The upper arms can be particularly resistant to exercise, especially for people who have lost a significant amount of weight. If your arms are lacking definition due to excess skin, the condition can affect your satisfaction in your overall appearance. An arm lift can remove and tighten excess skin for more toned and defined arms, greatly improving your satisfaction in your physique.

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Fit, muscular man and woman standing together

Combined Plastic Surgery Techniques

Aging, pregnancy, illness, genetics, and weight fluctuations can all impact our body and how confident we are in its appearance. We understand no two patients’ cosmetic concerns are alike, and Dr. Chhatre can create a personalized treatment plan for you that combines different procedures to help you achieve your unique treatment goals. The mommy makeover, for example, is popular among new mothers to help rejuvenate areas like the breasts and abdomen.

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