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Choosing type and size of implants

Hi everyone!!  WOW, what an amazing response from my first blog.  I had a lot of fun writing it and I have to admit I was just a little nervous about how it would be received, and I am very excited about the positive response I got.  Even though plastic surgery is so common(especially in… Read More »

SkinTyte-how it works

There are so many options available for skin tightening now that it’s hard to know what will be the best option.  We offer SkinTyte, which is an infrared energy that deeply heats soft tissue while protecting the treated surface area with sapphire cooling.   This causes soft tissue coagulation and deep tissue heating, which initiates… Read More »

Forever Young BBL treatments

Forever Young BBL is the perfect treatment to help you achieve the young, clear skin that you have been dreaming of.  The time to start these treatments is quickly approaching as summer is coming to an end and sun exposure will be limited.  These treatments will help to lighten and even eliminate sundamge(brown spots), rosacea… Read More »


Botox- Corrective treatment in Kansas City

Are you tired of looking angry or seeing deep lines between your eyebrows or across your forehead? Botox® is the perfect treatment for you! Kansas City plastic surgeon, Dr. Matt Chhatre, has been performing Botox® injections for over 15 years with amazing results. Botox® is a synthesized protein that helps to treat fine lines and… Read More »