Skin Consults with Visia Complexion Analysis System

At our Kansas City area Med Spa we take every step to ensure that your skin is taken care of.  With so much going on that isn’t visible to the naked eye we rely on our complexion analysis software to set you on the right path.  We offer many services to treat different levels of damage on different levels on the skin.The Visia system assists us in formulating the best treatment and product plan just for you.  Contact our office today to schedule your complimentary skin analysis.

How it works

The Visia complexion analysis system captures photos of your skin from the front and both sides.  After the photos are taken your skin type is determined and it does a thorough scan of each image.  The scans show the surface and deeper levels of damage on and in the skin.  From redness to UV damage and surface spots to texture. These scans will help your esthetician, Heather or Natalie determine which procedures and products will best suite your skin.   This offers the deepest most accurate look into your skin to ensure we offer the best options available.

Once treatments or products have started, we take after photos and compare your skin through your treatment process.  This shows the percentage of improvement and visible changes on the skin.  With a data base of over 250,000 people, the software will compare your skin to 100 people of the same age, sex and skin type.  This gives you and your esthetician a great insight into the over all health and improvement of your skin.

Surface Damage

Most damage on the surface can be seen when directly looking at the skin.  However, with the Visia, each photo is taken in the same lighting to give an accurate look at the damage.  With mapping available for different areas of the face, we can track the improvement of the damaged skin and alter recommendations as needed.  When looking at surface damage we are looking at spots, texture, wrinkles and pores.  Once the recommended treatments have been completed, your esthetician will take photos to compare the improvement in these 4 areas.  By altering products, adding treatments such as BBL, Halo or Diamond Glow, significant improvement can be seen in just a few treatments.  However, most damage isn’t just on the surface.

Deep Damage

With the help of the Visia System, we are able to see and appropriately treat damage in the deeper layers of the skin.  By tracking UV damage, deep brown spots, vascularity and bacteria, your esthetician will formulate the best options for your skin.  We have treatments such as BBL and ClearSilk, that can target the surface damage as well as the brown spots right under the surface of the skin and vascularity.  Combining the BBL treatment with a laser like Halo or ProFractional will target, breakup and destroy the deep UV damage that would be surfacing at some point.  This prevents aging, helps with collagen synthesis and keeps your skin looking young.

We are also able to properly track and treat melasma.  One of the most complicated skin conditions to treat, the images captured by the Visia system, will give us insight into the level and density of the melasma.  Melasma can be epidermal(surface), dermal(deep) or a combination of both.  Epidermal melasma is best treated with ViPeels and Obagi products.  For those that are experiencing dermal melasma, which is often not visible by the naked eye, the Halo Hybrid Laser is the best treatment option.

Treat Your Skin Safely

We strive to offer the most efficacious treatments and products for all of our clients.  Being able to use the Visia Complexion analysis software, helps us deliver that.  Our skin care consultations are always no charge.  Your esthetician will be able to formulate exactly what your skin needs for results and safety.  Contact our office today to schedule your skin care consultation.

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