Rosacea-What you Need to Know

April is Rosacea Awareness Month.  Rosacea is common skin disorder that is estimated to affect more than 16 million Americans. While treatable, flareups are common and frustrating to those affected.  We will be discussing causes, triggers and treatments to help bring awareness and help to those suffering.

Who is Affected?

Rosacea is a skin condition that can affect all skin types, however, it is more prevalent in those with fair skin and tend to flush or burn easily. While it tends to be diagnosed more frequently in women, it is typically more severe in men.  It typically tends to be a common genetic disorder, seen through generations. In most cases it is diagnosed anytime after the age of 30 and starts with flushing that can come and go.  The cause of rosacea is unknown, and although there is no known cure, there are several options to treat and reduce Rosacea and the side effects.

How to Treat

If you feel you may be experiencing the early signs of rosacea, seeing a medical professional should be your first step.  Once diagnosed, there are several options available to help reduce and lighten the side effects.

Flushing, ruddiness, dryness and breakouts are common with those dealing with Rosacea.  Without treatment, these symptoms will worsen overtime.  There are topical medications that can be prescribed by your medical professional to lessen the side effects.  While these medications are helpful they don’t always clear the skin and relieve the discomfort.  There are several options to help treat and combat the side effects.

Reduction in the consumption of hot beverages, sun exposure, spicy food and alcohol can limit the side effects of Rosacea and prevent flare ups.  None of the listed actually cause rosacea, but can definitely trigger it. Harsh skin care products and treatments aren’t recommended and can even make the facial vessels and redness worse.  Our estheticians, Heather and Natalie, will be able to formulate a specific home care and in office treatment plan for your skin.

BBL and ClearSilk treatments are the most common options at our Kansas City area Medical Spa to treat rosacea.  BBL is a broad band light that heats and destroys the visible facial vessels. ClearSilk is a laser that works by depositing heat energy deep into the dermis to target the tiny vessels responsible for flushing and a constant red complexion.  These two treatments are great alone but even better paired together. By eliminating surface vessels and overall redness, the end result will be bright and clear skin.

Treat your Rosacea today

Complimentary skin care consultations are always available at our Kansas City area MedSpa.  During your consultation your esthetician will assess your skin, take photos with our Visia Complexion Analysis System and give a full treatment plan and home care recommendation for you.  Contact our office today to schedule


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