Keri’s Skin Story

Figuring out which products and treatments will best benefit your skin can be tricky, even for a professional.  Read what Kansas City, esthetician, Keri Eichhorn has found to be the best options for her.  Keri and Heather offer complimentary skin analysis and consultations to help you determine which products and treatments will be best for you.  Contact our office today to learn more.

“There has been a lot of trial and error trying to figure out which products will help my skin look it’s best. Over the 15 years I’ve been doing skin care in our Kansas City area office, my skin has gone through so many changes from extremely dry and dehydrated to combination and now oily/acne prone.  I never experienced acne or oily skin until my late 20’s and I’ve struggled quite a bit over the last 7 years to find the perfect fit for my skin.  Even though I’ve been treating clients with acne for years, every skin is different and finding the perfect protocol for each person can be a long and tedious process of trial and error.  It can take several weeks or even months of using a product to know for sure if it’s a good fit. My problem is along with treating oily/acne skin I was still battling with dehydration and early signs of aging.  I also discovered I have an intolerance to any food or supplement that containes soy,  which was causing very negative side effects on my body including severe cystic acne breakouts.  By cutting soy out of my diet completely, my breakouts reduced drastically, but I was still oily and was struggling with some breakouts.

After trying several different combinations of products, I discovered the best fit for my skin to be Skin Ceuticals LHA cleansing gel and solution along with blemish and age defense.  These products were perfect for me for a couple of reasons.  First, the cleanser and solution have a combination of LHA, Glycolic and Salicylic acids which work synergistically to reduce oil production, decongest clogged pores and evenly smooth skin irregularities. Second, the blemish and age defense has the same great ingredients as the cleanser and solution with added dioic and citric acids which help to decrease oil production and prevent acne all while reducing the appearance of brown spots as well as fine lines and wrinkles. With using all of these products together my skin was looking great, however, I was still dehydrated, so I have recently incorporated Metacell Renewal B3, which renews and retightens skin all while delivering intense hydration.  I also have always used Skin Ceuticals topical vitamin c and sunscreen products for the best protection available to block UV rays as well as everything in the environment that can break down and age the skin.  I make sure I use the Clarisonic Cleansing System everyday to ensure my face is as clean as possible and to get better product penetration.  I love the Clarisonic Opal eye treatment to keep the thin delicate skin around my eyes looking youthful.  These product lines are staples at our Kansas City MedSpa as there are products available for every skin type and condition.

While using great products made a huge difference in my skin there are still some issues that I have that products alone won’t completely take care of. Having deep cleansing and exfoliating treatments monthly is something that I should be doing, but unfortunately am not able to have done as often as I would like.  My favorite regulary monthly skin care treatments, that I love to get are dermaplaning and microdermabrasion at our Kansas City MedSpa to remove the surface dead skin cells and brighten up my skin.  I can definitely notice a big difference in my skin when I have these treatments regularly.   In the fall and winter months I turn to BBL and MicroLaser Peels for my sundamage and deeper renewal.  I feel so lucky to have an incredible co worker, Heather, who is just as passionate about skin care as I am to help me with my treatments in achieving the best skin possible.  Remember, taking care of your skin isn’t seasonal and there is no one time miracle treatment.  It’s like going to the gym and eating healthy for your body, it’s an on going process that you have to stay up with to get and keep the best results possible.”



If you’re ready to find the perfect match of quality clinical skin care products and advanced treatments for your skin, contact our Kansas City area MedSpa today.  We offer an in depth, complimentary Visia complexion analysis consultation with our knowledgeable  skin care specialists, Keri Eichhorn and Heather Mock.  At the time of the consultation your skin will be photographed and uploaded to a skin imaging software, so they can look not just at the surface, but deeper levels in your skin, which will help them determine the perfect protocol for your skin.

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