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Hi everyone!!  WOW, what an amazing response from my first blog.  I had a lot of fun writing it and I have to admit I was just a little nervous about how it would be received, and I am very excited about the positive response I got.  Even though plastic surgery is so common(especially in my world :)), there are still a lot of negative thoughts out there about it, so I truly appreciate all of the encouraging words I got for sharing my story.  If you are interested or thinking about breast augmentation, breast lift, or any other cosmetic procedure in Kansas City, please feel free to contact my self or our office with questions or to schedule a consultation.

One of the biggest steps in this process is choosing the perfect implants.  Every body is different and every person has different expectations and desires as far as the size and feel of the implants.  Since I have experienced both large and small breasts, I have a really good idea of the look I’m going for.  One of my biggest fears with this,  is that I will end up “too big” in my eyes. This isn’t the type of deal where I can just tell Dr. Chhatre, “ok, I want to be a C cup” and he will pick out an implant and we’re good to go.  Cup sizes vary from person to person depending on their build as well as where the bra comes from. A ‘C’ cup will be a different size implant on some one who is 5’9″ with a broad chest  than it will be on someone who is 5’0″ and narrow. When we talk about implants we talk about CC’s for the size instead of cup size.  I’m a small person.  I am BARELY 5’2″ and I have a small frame, so I definitely am wanting to stick with a smaller CC implant.  At our Kansas City Plastic Surgery center, we offer both silicone and saline implants.  It is completely the preference of the patient, which implant is used.  We do have each kind available for touch and feel during consults for a better idea of what will be best.  I am choosing to go with the silicone gel implants, simply for the fact that I personally feel like they feel more natural, they’re softer and do better with thinner frames.  There are also different types of ‘profiles’ with the implants, which is the projection of the implant.  These will vary depending on your build and  the width of the chest.  There are low, mid range, moderate, full, high and extra high profile implants available.  I know, it is super confusing- but the great thing is, that this is what our staff is here for!!  They will help you determine which profile and CC will be best for you depending on your build and chest measurements.  Then you get to ‘try them on’!!  This part was pretty fun, it gave me a good idea of the size and profile that will look best on me.  We have several sizes of a sports bra type bra that I put on then we just put the implants in there, while having my shirt on it gives a pretty good idea of what to expect as far a size and projection.  I did have to keep in mind that since I’m having a lift as well, I will be losing a little of my natural breast tissue, so I need to take that into account with the sizing.   It was a little overwhelming but I knew right away when we found what I think will be the PERFECT sized and profiled implant, for me.  We also give you a couple of plastic surgery websites to visit that have a lot of before and after photos.  Dr. Chhatre likes for you to bring a few that you like and some that you don’t with you so he can kind of get into your minds eye to make sure you’re on the same page as far as size.

I decided on 345CC silicone gel Inspira implants, which are a full profile.  All of the breast implants that are used here at our Kansas City plastic surgery office are Natrelle® brand.  I was happiest with the way  Inspira profile looked, which has increased fullness with a soft feel.  The silicone gel is a cohesive gel, which is like a soft solid rather than a liquid, like the old school silicone.  It’s funny, 15 years ago, I would have NEVER been ok with getting silicone implants, there were so many horrible things that were a result from ruptures with those implants.  But now, I am 100% confident in choosing these silicone implants.  All of the Natrelle ® silicone gel implants have Intrashiel™ Barrier Technology, where the barrier in the shell of the implant reduces the permeability and minimizes the risk of the gel bleeding or leaking. With the implants being a silicone cohesive gel, if there were to be a rupture this silicone stays intact and won’t leak.  Kansas City Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Matt Chhatre, places all breast implants under the muscle.  This gives the implant more protection and also gives more of a natural look.  Because of this and how aggressively I work out, I  had to stop exercising my chest 4 weeks ago.  This has been a little hard for me, as I’ve been on the same weight lifting schedule for so long, but I know it is for my own benefit.  It will make it easier for Dr. Chhatre to make the pocket for the implant, but it will also make the discomfort  *a little less* for myself.

img 7822

As far as the breast lift goes, it is a pretty straight forward procedure.  There will just be some extra skin and tissue removed and the areola will be lifted- after the implant is placed.  One of the biggest misconceptions about plastic surgery is that there is no scarring.  Anytime you make an incision into the skin there will be scarring.  However, plastic surgeons have specialized training in closing the incisions that make the scarring very minimal.  Everyone scars a little different- raised, red, white, brown, thick or thin.  Typically I scar great, so I’m not too concerned with the extensive scars from the mastopexy, and I have no plans of walking around topless- so I think I’ll be good 🙂  Another great thing is that I can treat scars! Once they are healed, which can take up to a full 18 months, I have several options of treatments that I offer in our Kansas City MedSpa to treat any scarring should it need it.

I can’t believe my procedure is almost a week away!  I’m getting so excited(and a little nervous).  Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything specific you would like for me to touch base on.  I will be doing one more blog before my surgery about what I needed to get to be prepared at home for the best and easiest recovery.  Also, make sure you’re following us on facebook, I will be posting some random pictures with some descriptions on how I’m doing along the way.  You can always contact our office anytime to schedule a consult or ask any questions.

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