BBL Phototherapy

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BroadBand Light Phototherapy(also known as BBL) utilizes the power of broad band light to deliver excellent results. This procedure which is unmatched by any others reduces hyperpigmentation, vascularity, acne and pore size, by selecting the appropriate filter for the specific condition we are treating.  If you are ready for clear, healthy looking skin, contact, Kansas City skin care specialists Heather Mock or Natalie Straub today.  These FDA cleared treatments target so many skin conditions while staying cost  effective and can be combined with additional treatments such as Halo, ClearSilk or MicroLaser Peel for dramatic results.

Sun Damage

BroadBand Light does an amazing job destroying stubborn unattractive sun spots. All of those summers spent in the sun will show up on your face eventually and BBL treatments do an amazing job of removing those spots as well as freckles from your skin to leave you with a more youthful glow.  This treatment can be done any where on the body where you are noticing sun damage.   With the face being the most popular treated area, the chest and hands are very common as well, and result in beautiful even skin tone. Treatments can be done at 4 week intervals until desired results are achieved.


BroadBand Light also targets the hemoglobin the skin to reduce any ruddy appearance in the skin as well as collapsing small veins and vessles for a more even skin tone.  This treatment can be done anywhere on the body and great results have been seen on the face and neck. Treatments can be done at 2 week intervals for best results.  Sundamage and rosacea treatments can be done together for clients battling with both conditions.


Acne is a disorder caused by hormones and substances on the skin’s oil glands and hair follicles.  This can be very difficult to treat, but can be done successfully.  The BBL acne treatment gives a controlled heating to the sub-epidermal layers of the skin destroying acne and lightening pigmented acne scars. Excessive acne should be treated frequently starting with 1-2 treatments per week for best results combined with proper at home skin care. Combined BBL acne treatments with ProFractional or MicoLaser Peel treatments will help smooth uneven skin and help with some pitted acne scarring.

If you are in the Kansas City are and are ready for the clear skin you’ve always wanted and deserve, contact our experienced Missouri state licensed estheticians, Natalie and Heather, for a complimentary skin analysis and recommended treatment plan.

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